Square Dome Hall


Square Domes International (SDI) offers the world's most efficient square and rectangular roofing and flooring structures. Based on principles used in Nature's high performance crystals (e.g. magnesium and titanium) SDI structures feature an omni-triangulated, 3-D truss. This truss can be modified to conform to various spherical, elliptical and asymmetrical contours to yield a host of roofing and flooring solutions having exceptional performance.

Unlike obsolescent systems relying on inefficient beams or unstable 2-D trusses, SDI designs offer the superior performance of 3-D truss technology for flat and curved roofs and floors.  The improvement in performance over other designs is dramatic under real life concentrated load conditions in which 3-D trusses very effectively spread the loads.


Optimized for wooden designs, SDI structures present the benefits of natural materials with the advantages of modern analysis for maximum safety with minimum expenditure. Low structural weights and high load capacity mean large free span structures are feasible. Cupolas can be incorporated in roofs. Floors can be contoured for single or multiple drains.

Advanced discrete element analysis performed by SDI provides maximum safety and structural efficiency.  Full specifications, drawings and easy to follow instructions allow rapid construction by local builders using standard building materials (e.g. 2" x 4", 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" lumber and 1/4", 1/2" or 3/4" plywood).

Ease of fabrication results in quick building construction with minimal tooling. Small SDI wooden designs can be built with a table saw, drill press and simple hand tools for assembly. Designs for larger structures utilize a band saw or similar cutting tool. Complete instructions supplied by SDI are easy to implement.  Based on your specifications SDI will design, analyze, optimize and fully specify your structure.

Sample Structural Diagrams

Rectangular Dome
High Performance Rectangular Dome with Integral Truss 

Contoured Floor

Contoured Floor 

Small dome with Cupola

Small Dome with Cupola and Plywood & Truss Floor