Design Philosophy

Dr. Tom Moriarty Square Domes International was founded in 1999 based on research by Dr. Tom Moriarty.  Dr. Moriarty is an inventor, educator and structural designer from USA.  His bachelor's degree (cum laude) is from the University of Wisconsin in Mechanical Design Education.  He was awarded an MBA from Maharishi University of Management, USA and a Ph.D.. in Maharishi's Vedic Administration from Maharishi European Research University, Holland.  For more than 30 years he has been researching consciousness as a field of all possibilities under the guidance of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation Program.
During the 1990’s Dr. Moriarty discovered the fundamental role of sound at the basis of all structural systems.  This importance of sound is described in the Veda and Vedic Literature, the oldest and most authentic record of human experience.  In Maharishi’s Vedic Science, Atma, the unbounded Self, vibrates and becomes the sounds of Veda, which in turn assumes the manifest forms of the universe.  These vibrations or sounds of the Veda are therefore fundamental to all physical creation.
Veda (knowledge) has a three-fold structure of Rishi (knower), Devata (process of knowing) and Chhandhas (that which is known).  The threefold structure of Veda is the basis of all structures.  Physical structures are fundamentally triangular, a fact pointed out by the great philosopher and inventor of the geodesic dome, Dr. Buckminster Fuller. Ultimately, the stability of any structure can be traced to its triangularity.  It can also be shown that the operation of sound within a structure creates its integrity.  It was this understanding that prompted Dr. Moriarty to develop a practical program to design, analyze and optimize structures, and led to the development of Square Domes.  The proprietary software used in custom designing Square Domes operates on the same principles used by Nature in solving actual load distributions through the mechanism of sound distribution.  Therefore, the software is naturally efficient, yielding quick results at any specified level of accuracy.
An additional area of research applied in the design of Square Domes concerns the ideal forms of buildings based on Vastu Shastra, the eternal knowledge of building proportion and orientation.  This wisdom is derived from Sthapatya Veda, the complete knowledge of building in accord with Natural Law.  Vastu Shastra advises that buildings should be square or rectangular in outline to bring best effects to the owner and occupants.  Round buildings, such as most domes, and odd shaped buildings do not produce good effects.  This can be understood from the influence various structures have on the dweller – in a round or unusual shaped building there is always uncertainty about one’s location and orientation, but in square and rectangular buildings there is a sense of ease and stability.

Orientation is another key concern of Vastu Shastra.  Buildings should have East entrances to produce best effects for the owners and occupants - that means true due East, not magnetic East.  Even the English word, "orientation" (derived from orient, meaning East) points to the importance of the Eastern direction.  From that direction the nourishing values of the sun come to the building every morning.  North entrances also bring good effects, but by no means should a building have a South entrance.  In some building systems South entrances are advocated, but the effect of such systems has been global isolation for those countries where South entrances predominate. Even in one's own city it may be observed that buildings having South entrances are often vacant because people don't like to be in those structures.  Square domes are meant to have entrances from the East, and are suited to having North entrances too.
Square Domes fulfill the need of all time for shelter that is in tune with the basic human requirement for comfortable housing in harmony with Nature’s fundamental principle of economy.  The omni-triangulated trusses used in Square Domes provide the most efficient, cost-effective square and rectangular bases for ideal roofing and flooring systems.