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Square Dome with Cupola

Looking for an attractive, low-cost roofing system for your new building?

Square Domes International offers high-performance, fully engineered, custom square and rectangular dome designs easily built with local materials and labor.


Welcome to the future.  Square Domes International (SDI) offers you the next generation in building construction today.  Now it is easy to have the advantages of dome technology in traditional building designs.

Like geodesic domes and other high-performance structural engineering systems, SDI designs present the advantages of triangulated truss systems, but with square and rectangular outlines.  Traditional square and rectangular outlines are preferred for buildings and are recommended by Sthapatya Veda, the science of building in harmony with Natural Law to bring greater success, happiness and well being to the owners and occupants.

Natural materials are also recommended in Sthapatya Vedic construction.  For roofs the natural choice of construction material is wood.  SDI designs provide structures having exceptional performance that are optimized for wood, though tubular metal designs are available for industrial buildings.

SDI designs offer an easy way to establish the Brahmasthan, or heart of a building by giving emphasis to the center of the structure.  Natural structures generally have a center that serves as the concentrated source of order for the structure.  For example, atoms have nuclei, cells also have nuclei and on a larger scale the solar system has its center in the sun, while our galaxy has its center too.  Sthapatya Veda recognizes the importance of the Brahmasthan and calls for its demarcation and glorification.  To achieve this central emphasis in construction and provide natural light and fresh air a central cupola can be included in SDI designs.

Whether you are an architect, builder, developer or owner you will appreciate the versatility, ease of construction and low cost of Square Dome International designs.

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